We understand the need to think ahead when it comes to technology. Developing a cost effective and fit-for-purpose ICT strategy to deliver an outstanding education requires careful thought, research and due diligence. Our expertise in this field can help ensure:

  • you enhance your current infrastructure and maximise the benefits of your existing resources
  • you implement new technologies which support teaching and learning
  • staff feel e-confident
  • the ICT capability is effectively mapped across the whole curriculum

We work with schools to understand their requirements and develop strategic solutions which are specifically designed to achieve educational and operational outcomes. Our consultants can provide a comprehensive review of ICT at your school and its impact on all aspects of school life.

If your school are extending your building, or you are a new free school, Academy or UTC, please visit our New Build Page.

We also also offer education consultancy services from our team of experienced consultants.

Please get in contact for to book an initial advisory meeting free of charge.